floorcoaster (floorcoaster) wrote,

Dear Dramione

Dear Dramione Community,

I miss you terribly. I cannot tell you how often my thoughts wander to you, to Draco and Hermione, to the fabulous stories I know are being told that I am missing. I also wish I was writing, more than I can put into words. I miss the friendships, the sharing, the stories, the reviews, the art, the music. Every little thing. It's been almost a year since my last post. A YEAR! Wow. How does that happen? Time just flies and flies.

My heart wants to return, and I just hope there will be something to return to. I know H&V seems to be going strong, and that is awesome. I know it's changed around here, and that is fine. I just hope there is Dramione to be found, somewhere, some way, when I have time to come back and play.

I seriously think about you often and wonder if anyone remembers my name anymore. LOL. I had so much fun. Someday, again. I hope.

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