floorcoaster (floorcoaster) wrote,


I'm dusting off the old "Potter Fanfic files," checking out floofics. And I realized I have NO idea what all I've written! I mean, there are the fics archived at my fic comm, but I wasn't very good about keeping that up to date since my daughter was born. I'm pretty sure there are fics sprinkled here and there I have forgotten.

I'm not sure what I think about that! IT's kind of fun, but also kind of sad. LOL.

I've been doing some reading lately. I cannot get enough of Draco right now. I read all of basicaquatics latest stuff (meaning, everything she's posted since 2010), I'm crazy about namelessamelie, and the Treasured Tropes stuff at H&V is made of WIN. But I need me some more Draco. The snarkier, the better.

LJ doesn't feel the same to me as it did 2.5 years ago. Understandably! I am very much out of any loops present. Part of me wants to JUMP IN and be all looping and loopy, but I also know that I just don't have the time for that in my life yet. This makes me sad. Who knows what fandom will look like when I AM ready to really return? I think I will return, at some point. I truly love it here. Is everyone still here? Or is there a cool, new, hipper place to be now?

I'm an old noob. :/

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