Hello there, and thanks for stopping by! I'm no longer active on LiveJournal, but (most) everything I've written is available at my fic community, floofics.

I won't be friending or defriending or anything like that. If you want to add this journal, know that there isn't a good chance I'll update it again. Most past entries are f-locked. Anything about my stories will remain public.

Thanks for all the fish!

Project List

Things I am working on or want to work on:
1. NaNoWriMo fic - a Dramione story inspired by some of the "Anne of Green Gables" books.
2. Epilogue to "Heavy Lies the Crown." It's time.
3. Sequel to "From the Dark Tower."
4. Post my fics at AO3.
5. As I post "We Learned the Sea" to AO3, do a minor edit. Not the major elements I discussed in my profile at fanfiction. Although MAYBE some of the little things that bug me? I don't know. Somebody stop me.

It's a pretty ambitious list for me, considering how absent I've been in fandom or just in writing over the last 9 years since my daughter was born. I signed up for NaNo just to give me goals, and it's actually working! I'm at 16K words! It's kind of a miracle. Granted, this fic wants to be epic (as they all do), so there's no telling when I'll be done. 50K doesn't seem like enough words to tell the whole story.


There's a story I've been wanting to write a sequel to for... oh, 11 years? I want to start, but I'm having trouble with it. The first was so short that it's hard to feel like I'm IN that story, so I can get the tone and feel of it. But that's what I have to work with, along with ghosts of ideas and thoughts I had about it way back when. As I wrote it, I knew there would/should be a sequel, but here I am, 11 years later, and still just a few hundred words in a word doc. But that's more than there were yesterday, so it's something, right?

It's kind of neat knowing that people don't really come here anymore. I can just... write. For myself. And, of course, I'd love to chat with anybody who stops by. 


New Fic

Headed to Dramione Remix! I will post a link here when it's available for anyone who might happen to see this. Hope you enjoy it.


The Thing With Feathers

WOOT WOOT! Fic update! New chapter posted of "The Things With Feathers."

Link to AO3 and FF.

I linked to the beginning of the story, because I think I've forgotten to post updates here for a chapter (or two?), so I didn't want to post to the newest chapter, just in case.

Hope you like it!


In my last post, I mentioned that I'd finished a new story. Yeah. It's still in revision because time is crazy and disappears on me.

I also mentioned that I had created a new file called "Heavy Epi 2." Well. That went nowhere. But a few weeks ago, I FINALLY had a resolution come to me. So now I have 377 words written in a file called "Heavy Epi 3." And this will be the thing. The one. The *END*

I dunno. I hope it'll work out!

New Story!?

Well, this just happened: I just wrote "THE END". And I've got something ready to head to a beta. So here's the deal.

Four years ago (Yup, FOUR), I had a plot bunny that wouldn't die, so I started writing it. I've no idea how much I did then, but I'd thought through enough that I wanted to start typing it out. Then there was a huge gap. And 2 years ago, the muse was kind, and I got a TON more written. But still nowhere near complete.

THEN earlier this year, I just wanted to write, so I worked on this piece. And I got it so close to finished, that I just forced myself to keep thinking about it, and then to write it all out.

AND I DID. It's DONE* (*pending beta revisions and such). It's not a giant fic, only about 25K words, but it is something new, unrelated to any previous fic of mine, and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

When I came over here to post this, I saw that about 2 years ago, I'd been working hard on an epilogue to "Heavy." And I've been thinking about that process I went through, and how I don't think I want to stick with what I'd started 2 years ago. Ha. I've also got some very basic ideas for what I want to do. I'm still hoping to write it. I even started a Word Doc for it. "Heavy epi 2." It's going to happen, I think. Just, not sure when.

I can't wait for this one, though. I definitely feel rusty. Maybe once my beta and I get to work, the muscle memory will kick in and I'll be able to fly through an epilogue. I've seriously been dying to write one for awhile now. Anyway. To anyone who might read this post, thank you!