floorcoaster (floorcoaster) wrote,

The voices

I sent the epilogue to Heavy off to the betas Saturday night. And something happened that usually happens at such a time: the voices in my head were silent.

I don't know how you other writers work, but for me, once I get started on a story idea, it plays in my head all the time. ALL. THE. TIME. Whenever I have spare time, the story runs on. It's awesome because when I go to write, I've usually got more to write than time to write it.

But Saturday night, there was just... nothing. I have some other ideas for fics, but I haven't fully committed to writing them (waiting to see how this epilogue goes). So I haven't wanted to spend the time thinking about them. The vacancy, though, seems to be a problem, as I've been reading fic instead of writing it since Saturday night. Like, almost obsessively. I need to leave reviews, but I've been so focused on reading that I haven't taken the time.

I will.

I just found it interesting that as SOON as I was done writing, it's like my brain needed something to fill the silence. Has anyone else experienced this or something like it? Used to be, I had two or three stories in queue and I just went on to the next one. Or I had a fest I was working on, either running or writing for.

Now? I dunno, I'm a bit... listless. My brain is used to the exercise, I guess, and normal, everyday stuff just doesn't cut it (laundry, groceries, making dinner, housework etc.). I'm used to thinking and plotting and planning during those activities.

Anyway. I'm hoping it won't last long. I'm hoping to find a balance, so that I can write one night a week on a regular basis. I imagine fic would be slow to turn out, but better than zero.

Here's hoping. #balance
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