floorcoaster (floorcoaster) wrote,

I'm really posting again.

Hello! No one responded to my last post, but I was asking for beta help. No biggie.

Anyway, I'm having some sort of strange luck of the muse. Or something. I remembered today a story I'd started quite some time ago, a "Marriage Law" fic (Wow, Dec 2012!), and I'm anxious to finish the Heavy epilogue so I can write/finish it! So exciting! I'm just hoping that I'll (1) be able to take the time and then (2) actually take the time to expend this creativity while it's here. It's HARD with 2 little kids. I barely have time to do all of the things I HAVE to do, to say nothing of things I WANT to do. But I also know that, if I don't neglect some of the "HAVE to's" and focus on "WANT to's", then I find myself in a bad place. So, maybe this time, I'll run with my Dramione muse. It was fabulous when I wrote 80% of the Heavy epilogue in about 2 weeks. The muse dried up, though, before it was finished, and now I'm just plugging along with it, hoping that the scenes will start to flow naturally.

I so love writing.
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