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Hello there to anyone who may still be tuned to this station.

I got a review this week that made me want to write an epilogue to "heavy." It had never been my intention, but something made me want to.

So I got excited and reread the whole story, since it has been a year and a half since I completed it. And let me tell you, time and distance can do amazing things for perspective. Oh, how I wish I could dive in and rework it, start to finish! The inconsistencies, the SPaG errors, the ridiculousness of parts...

I have never reread a story I've written, and this is why!

I was able to look at the story pretty objectively. And here is what I saw:

1) Hermione. Who is she at the end?

2) The women! I don't think I have a single woman NOT show interest in Draco. Just a few exceptions, like Ginny, Molly, Fleur. Absurd! And so many women, and Carrie... Wow. He couldn't be THAT studly, right? Yuck. Haha.

3) the romance. It feels so quick! Less than 4 months and a proposal? One chapter, Draco says he isn't ready for marriage, the next he is buying a stone for the ring his mom gave him. WHAT?! How does that make sense?

4) I like Draco. Almost completely.

5) there are some boring parts. I skimmed. Partly because the text didn't pertain to the epilogue, partly because I wasn't interested.

I still want to write an epilogue. Though it might end up being a few chapters. How fun! Though, I will be writing on my phone for the most part, so I might finish on, oh, a year. Which I realize is a generous estimate based on my "recent" history!

So, if that interests you, then stay tuned! But don't hold your breath.


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